Today's Word

Ephesians 6:10&11

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devils schemes.

Prayer Focus

War in the
Middle East

Strength of Families

Building up
the Community

Book to Read

Author: Don Charles

Men in the Bible; Examples to Live By


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Photo Gallery Prep Pictures

"A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words"

If the statement above is true, we encourage you to listen to the story each picture tells. Do enjoy this collection of SOP history - work times, fun times and worship times.


Where We Were

Services were held at the residence of Pastors Darnell and Adrienne for almost eight (8) years.


Bible Study then

Listening to the Word

We worshiped even then

Praise Him with instruments

Its FUN to be in God's family

Hands and Hearts Together

During winter 2004 S.O.P through the mighty act of God, was blessed with a church facility that was erected over a century ago in 1903.

Over two years, children, youth, adults and families participated in hands on restoration training and workshops. S.O.P members were joined by various community volunteers and ministries in restoring the newly acquired facility to what it is now - a beautiful, historic house of God.

The pictures below show the building as it was, our team at work and the final product. How blessed we are!

Where are the steps?!

The basement as we got it

The old pulpit

The entrance in progress

Elder Richard at work

We celebrate working women!

Where will our sign be?

Tackling the basement together

Getting the wall ready

See the pulpit changing?

Preacher in the pulpit!

Little girls worked...

Little boys worked...

Look at our Sanctuary!

Our new exterior!

In the Sanctuary...

Good Friday 2006, S.O.P on Kelly Street Pittsburgh was opened as members and visitors worshiped.


Clap hands to the Lord

We will praise You for the rest of our days!

Time for the Word

Yes Lord!

Our Children, Our Future

We try to live by the Word and do train our children in the way they should grow - worship, giving, play and everything else!

Our children know how to worship!

Let them play

Kingdom work is also for kids

Lets keep them in the Sanctuary

Giving must be taught from an early age

Marriage is Honorable

Who God has put together let no man put asunder.

From the Gouch's 53 years of marriage the younger couples of S.O.P take their cue.

Mary & David Gouch - Golden Anniversary

Shawn & Jai Proctor

Charlie & Diana Butler

Adrienne & Darnell Leonard

Cindi & Mike Flood

Cindy & Marty Lewis

Ministries in Action

When the Apostles were told to 'Go' they had to first tarry in Jerusalem. We try to Minister to our 'Jerusalem'. Pastor Leonard and the S.O.P outreach team share the gospel in song, word and deed with over 2,000 children, youth and adults throughout the year.

Pastor Leonard sharing the Word

Prayer Team

Visit to Holy Family

Our Choir out for Ministry